The Tower of Mystery Board Game

Wisconsin Retail Stores

To get a copy of The Tower of Mystery at your local game store or hobby shop rather than ordering online, check the list below for a retailer near you.  Additional retailers are being added all the time!  The below list is not a complete list of retailers since we are not usually aware of orders placed directly with our wholesale distributors.  If you don't see your favorite game store listed below, ask them to order the game for you!   If you are a retailer carrying The Tower of Mystery and you are not on this list, please contact us and we'll add your store right away!


Baraboo:  The Labrynth Games, 123 Third Ave.

Green Bay:  Gnome Games, 2160 Ridge Rd.

Green Bay:  Gnome Games, 2255 Main St.

Janesville:  Noble Knight Games, 2242 Kennedy Rd.